October 11, 2018

Making Dried Persimmons in a Food Dehydrator/干し柿を食品乾燥機で作る

It takes at least two weeks to make dried persimmons if you hang peeled astringent persimmons to dry. By using a food dehydrator, you can make them in one week or so.
1. Peel astringent persimmons.
2. Hang them to dry outdoors or indoors for 3-5 days until semi-dried.
I prefer to hang them to dry indoors for hygiene reasons. To do so, select a well-ventilated space to prevent the persimmons from molding.
Note: Use a hanging method of your preference. For these particular ones, my father pierced them with skewers.
3. Transfer them to a food dehydrator and dehydrate them for 10-12 hours at 60 degrees C until fully dried.
You may want to rub each one with your fingers several times in the dehydrate process.
1. 渋柿の皮を剥きます。
2. 屋外または屋内で3~5日、半乾きになるまで干します。
注: 干し方はお好みで。この柿の場合、父は串に刺して干しました。
3. 食品乾燥機に移し、完全に乾くまで、10~12時間、摂氏60度で乾燥させます。
Persimmons before dehydrated
Persimmons after dehydrated


Morose Kitty said...

My folks love kaki but I have never understood the appeal. The squirrels seem to like it a lot however (my friend's garden). I think the most delicious fruit I have ever eaten was biwa from Japan. I looked for it when I came back to Canada and it was terrible here!!

Hiroyuki said...

Morose Kitty: Funny you mentioned biwa. Both my father and I, as well as many Japanese people, find biwa dull. I mean, they are not very sweet and rather expensive (at least here in Japan), and besides, they have too large seeds in them. Many non-Japanese people find dried persimmons similar to dried figs. As for me, I like nectarines the best of all fruits.

Fräulein Trude said...

I like dried persimmons a lot. Now I am going to make good use of my old dehydrator for sure. Must check the persimmons in the local turkish grocery stores.
This year I harvested over 70 kg Nashi pears. Because the harvest was way too huge to be eaten fresh, I cooked so called pear honey/molasses, it takes 8 kg Nashi for one small jar. Heavenly flavor!
I had Durian fruit in China for the first time and it is the worst. Everybody was telling me "this is the king of fruits" but the aftertaste is horrible, reminds me on how rotten onions taste and the taste lingered on and on.
As for me I like white flat peaches the most. White peaches are very aromatic. I also like fresh Jujube fruits. Nice crunchy, juicy and sweet, sadly not available in Germany.

Morose Kitty said...

I had to google Jujube fruit and if they are also known as Chinese dates/red dates then I guess I've seen the dried ones here in stores before but I would never have guessed that you could eat them fresh.

I've seen articles about Japanese strawberries and am longing to try them but we will probably never visit Japan in the summer, when I guess they are in season. Too hot for us!!

Ugh, Durian. Never again. Nectarines are pretty good here in late summer. Just as good as freestone peaches, yum.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: 70 kg!? Good for you! I'm glad to hear you are lucky with nashi this year.
Peaches are aromatic, of course, but are merely sweet not sweet and sour. Besides, cheap and nasty ones are bland!

I had to google Jujube, too. I don't think I've ever had them.

Morose Kitty: Articles about Japanese strawberries? Well, they are in season in around May and June (at least in my area, which is near Tokyo), but the demand for strawberries is the highest before Christmas (for use as toppings on Christmas cakes), so you can get greenhouse strawberries in the winter.

Thank you both about durian. I will make it a point not to try it when I travel abroad.

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