October 25, 2018

Meals Offered in the School Canteen at My Daughter's University, Part 9/娘の大学の学生食堂で出される食事、パート9

Yesterday, my daughter sent me two emails.
1 Chuka don (Chinese-style donburi) 400 yen
2 Tanmen (Chinese-style stir-fried vegetable noodle soup) 380 yen
3 Twice-cooked pork 420 yen
4 Hashed beef with omelet 400 yen
5 Teriyaki chicken with an egg sunny-side up  500 yen
1中華丼 400円
2タンメン 380円
3回鍋肉 420円
4ハヤシライス オムレツ添え 400円
5照り焼きチキン 目玉焼き添え 500円
1 Seafood miso ramen 380 yen
2 Pork and cabbage stir-fried with shio dare (salty sauce)  420 yen
3 Mapo tofu don (donburi) 400 yen
4 Bibimbap don (bonburi) 400 yen
1海鮮味噌ラーメン 380円
2豚肉とキャベツの塩ダレ炒め 420円
3麻婆豆腐丼 400円
4ビビンバ丼 400円




9895039531 seeandoh said...

Your daughter might be enjoying her meal for sure. Options in Beef, Chicken and Pork. That itself will get a good appetite rush. Sorry I could not catch up with your posts lately.

Hiroyuki said...

seeandoh: You don't have to say you're sorry! I update my blog much less often these days.