November 27, 2010

Making Hatsuga Genmai (Germinated Brown Rice)/発芽玄米を作る

Making germinated brown rice is fairly easy.
Put brown rice in a container, and add 30-35C (86-95F) water. Keep the container in a warm place, uncovered, for 24-48 hours depending on the room temperature. Preferably, change water after every 5-6 hours during the soaking process.

I put 2 go (2 x 180 ml = 360 ml) of brown rice in a container, and soaked it in 30C water for 36 hours (in a room at 22C (72F) during the daytime). I changed water three times in total. Then, I kept the container in the fridge overnight to delay the germination. I cooked the rice the next morning.

As you can see, the sprouts are barely visible.

I cooked it in my IH rice cooker in exactly the same way as I cook white rice.

Some people may say that germinated brown rice tastes better than brown rice, but I found mine to taste almost the same as brown rice.

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