April 29, 2010

Fish Catching at the Hana Matsuri (Flower Festival) in Yuzawa/湯沢のはな祭りでの魚つかみ

Each year, on April 29, which is Showa no Hi (Day of Showa), Hana Matsuri (Flower Festival) is held in Yuzawa town, Niigata prefecture. The main event for kids at the festival is fish (rainbow trout) catching. My two children and I love this festival!

Correction: Hana Matsuri is spelled 花まつり not はな祭り in Japanese.
訂正: Hana Matsuriは、「はな祭り」ではなく、「花まつり」が正解です。

This year, my two children, a friend of my daughter's, and I went to the festival, like we did last year.

Today, it was very cold (it rained in the morning), and there were fewer participants than last year.

The festival is held in Yuzawa Chuo Koen (Yuzawa Central Park), which is adjacent to Kan-Etsu Expressway.

I was unable to take a shot of the faces of all these three Miss Komako. How frustrating!

Correction: There used to be three Miss Komako, but apparently, there is only one Miss Komako this year. The one on the left is Second Miss Kagura. I can't tell from the photo who the other two ladies are.
訂正: 以前はミス駒子は3人いたのですが、今年は一人しかいないようです。左側の女性は「準ミスかぐら」です。写真では他の二人の女性が誰なのか分かりません。

My children got 18 rainbow trout in total, gave four of them to my daughter's friend, so we had 14 rainbow trout left.

My son volunteered to help. I asked him to degut each fish, and I removed the gills from each fish.

I sprinkled the rainbow trout with salt.

I used the toaster oven to grill them.

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