April 5, 2010

Shiitake Stuffed with Meat/シイタケの肉詰め

I wanted to use the fresh shiitake that I had been given (see my April 3, 2010 post below) as soon as possible, but unfortunately, I was rather busy, so I managed to use them only this evening.

The bag contained these ten shiitake. I decided to finely chop four of them, as well as all ten stems, and stuff six of them with meat. Most people simply discard the stems, but not me. As you can see, my Shigefusa nakiri is still in good condition.

For meat, I used ground pork. I stir-fried chopped shiitake and chopped onion, and mixed them with the pork.

Unfortunately, my children don't like shiitake stuffed with meat. So I made hamburgers for them. (My son had one shiitake stuffed with meat.)

The same old sauce made from a 1:1:1 mixture of soy sauce, mirin, and sake.

I grilled the remaining shiitake-onion-pork mixture in the toaster oven!

I got one bag of "Baby Leaves" and one pack of cherry tomatoes (not shown in the photo) from a friend.

I had them with some lettuce and coleslaw dressing.

This is the very first time that I had baby leaves. They were tasty.


Amato said...

This is a fantastic recipe, Hiroyuki.I made this with our mushrooms, very nice.
Im not a big meat eater, especially red meat.
What about chicken? What do you think?

Hiroyuki said...

Amato: Chicken will be fine. When I use chicken, I usually add grated ginger to make "tsukune" rather than hamburgers.