April 6, 2010

Maitake Takikomi Gohan/マイタケの炊き込みご飯

This evening, I made maitake takikomi gohan with the pack I had won (see the April 3, 2010 post below). The pack said that it was for 3 go* of rice, but I knew it was not enough for me, so I bought a pack of fresh maitake, and I decided to use 4 go of rice instead of 3.
*1 go is equivalent to 180 ml or cc and about 140 g in the case of rice. Thus, 3 go is equivalent to 540 ml and 420 g for rice.
*1合は180 ml、ccで、お米の場合はおよそ140 gです。従って、3合は540 mlで、お米の場合は420 gです。

As I mentioned previously, my way of making takikomi gohan is different from most others: I don' t cook the mushroom with the rice and other ingredients. I put the contents of the pack and the fresh maitake in a pot, added some water, brought to a boil, simmered for a very short time (< 30 seconds), and drained.

The pack did not contain ingredients other than maitake, so I added carrot, bamboo shoot, and abura age (deep-fried tofu). I put about 1/3 of the bamboo shoot in the rice cooker pot, and used the rest to make clear soup with wakame.

To the rice cooker pot containing washed rice, I added the liquid shown above, and I FIRST added the ingredients (carrot, bamboo shoot, and abura age) and THEN added water up to the 4-go level (not vice versa). If I add heavier, less watery ingredients like chicken, I will add them after I add water.

Just cooked rice:

I added the drained maitake, and mixed well.


Both my children like takikomi gohan and clear soup. They both had a second helping of the soup.
Note: The glass behind the bowls contains my home-made ponzu, which I talked about previously. It's still good.

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