July 4, 2010

Shigefusa Kitaeji 180-mm Petty Knife/重房の鍛地ペティナイフ

I made another purchase from Yoshizawa Riko.
This time, I bought a Shigefusa kitaeji 180-mm "petty" (paring) knife for 29,900 yen.
Third photo from the top on this webpage
今回は、重房の鍛地180 mmのペティーナイフ(29,900円)を買いました。

Comparison with other knives of mine:

Note that this particular petty knife is quite similar to my sashimi knife in blade length and handle shape. It was much lighter than I had thought; approx. 100 g. I'm thinking of using it as a kind of all-purpose knife for cutting meat and vegetables and even for making sashimi! Just as I expected, this knife can cut a tomato better than my Shigefusa nakiri. More details to come later.
このペティーナイフは、刃の長さと柄の形が刺身包丁によく似ています。重さは思ったより軽く、およそ100 gです。肉や野菜を切るための、さらに、刺身を作るための、いわば万能包丁みたいに使おうと思ってます。予想通り、この包丁は重房の菜切りよりトマトをよく切れます。詳細はまた後で。


Indirect Heat said...

It's beautiful. Congrats, and have fun. Looking forward to more photos.

Hiroyuki said...

Bbq Dude: Thanks! I've been playing with it since I got it yesterday. More photos and descriptions to come in a day or two.

tzu-yen said...

I like the knives you have there. one, good knife is so essential. So many people make the mistake of buying a set of knives. I use a 18cm santoku by Kasumi. I wonder how Kasumi is as a brand/knife in Japan?

laurie said...

Hi Hiroyuki,

are you still dealing with the store Yoshizawa Riko. The reason I ask is I am in Canada and Shigefusa knives are impossible to find here. I recently purchases a kitaeji style deba from Takeshi Aoki in Hawaii and I fell in love with it and have decided to replace all my work knives accordingly. Thanks very much.

Hiroyuki said...

tzu-yen: I was of two minds as to whether to buy the petty knife. I was thinking of buying a set of five knives for 22,200 yen from Watanabe:
I was attracted more to the free sharpening service Watanabe offers than the knives themselves.

I wonder what you mean by Kasumi. Is there a manufacturer by the name of Kasumi? Or, is there a brand called Kasumi?

Hiroyuki said...

laurie: Do you mean whether I accept inquiries directed to Yoshizawa Riko? If so, the answer is yes. If you have any questions or inquires about the knives they offer, just post them here. I will translate them and send them to Yoshizawa Riko.

Unknown said...

Hi Hiroyuki
I found this old post, looking for some information about shig and I the link to Yoshizawa Riko shop.
I don't know if you still can ask them information. I'd like to know which will be the waiting time for a kitaeji 180mm petty, becuase it's out of stock. I also would be intrested to know the price and waiting time for a 240 mm wa-gyuto kasumi and a 240 mm wa-gyuto kitaeji.
Do they ship internationally or you can do it?
If you need I'll give you my email.
Thanks for your time, and your shared knowledge. Great site.

Hiroyuki said...

Andrea Gatto: Yes, I still can, but unfortunately, they don't ship internationally. There was someone like you who wanted to buy the kitaeji petty knife, and I acted as an intermediary. He or she had to pay extra money (delivery from Yoshizawa Riko to me and the PayPal charge) in addition to the knife price and the shipping charge (from Japan to his or her country).

I know of another source that can give you an estimate and ship internationally.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your rapidity, you are really kind.

If you can get the prices and the waiting time from your other source let me know.

Thanks again

Hiroyuki said...

Andrea Gatto: I sent the other source an email asking for an estimate and waiting time. I will let you know as soon as I receive a reply from them.

If you keep the information confidential, let me know of your email address by posting it here. (I will delete it as soon as I get it.)

Hiroyuki said...

Andrea Gatto: Thanks!