July 7, 2010

Shigefusa Nakiri vs. Kitaeji Petty Knife/重房の菜切りvs.鍛地ペティーナイフ

I've been playing with my Shigefusa kitaeji petty knife since I got it on July 4, and it's been great! Because of its thin blade, it's a good onion chopper, and despite my initial concern about its blade length (as you may know, a petty knife is usually much shorter, about 11-15 cm), now I take advantage of the long blade length; it's really like an all-purpose knife for me, though I still prefer my Shigefusa nakiri for some uses.
7月4日に重房の鍛地ペティーナイフが届いてから、ずっと使っています。とってもいいです!刃が薄いので、玉ねぎのみじん切りも簡単ですし、最初は刃の長さを心配していたのですが(ご存知の通り、ペティーナイフは普通もっと短く、11~15 cmくらいです)、今では長い刃をうまく使っています。本当に私にとっては万能包丁のようです。用途によってはまだ重房の菜切りのほうがいいですが。

Daikon, cut into sticks:

I prefer my petty knife.

Onion, cut into slices:

I prefer my petty knife.

Cucumbers, cut into rounds:

I can't say for sure which I prefer.

I decided to peel tomatoes with the two knives.

I can't say for sure which I prefer, but I think I like the stability of my nakiri.


Unknown said...

Amazing blades! I've been hunting for a Shigefusa Kitaeji Yanagi ba for months now, I'm really jealous of your new purchase!

Hiroyuki said...

Marc: A Shigefusa Kitaeji Yanagi ba? Wow, get one, and show it to me, then I'll envy you!!

Unknown said...

As soon as I can find one, or figure out how to special order one I will!

Hiroyuki said...

Marc: OK, I'm looking forward to your next comment!