December 31, 2010

Diamond Whetstone as a Stone Fixer/ダイヤモンド砥石を面直しとして

This morning, I tried making my present whetstone flat with the double-sided diamond whetstone.

It may not be apparent from the photo, but my whetstone is rather concave on both sides.

Just place the diamond whetstone on the top of the whetstone and move the former back and forth. You don't have to apply downward force because the diamond whetstone is heavy enough.
During the process, rinse the diamond whestone with running water if required.

Although it was my first attempt, I managed to make both sides of my whetstone flat within a few minutes. What a great stone fixer!
Edited to add:
After making the whetstone flat, be sure to chamfer all sides, using the diamond whetstone.

I forgot to mention: Use the #400 side of the diamond whetstone. This particular diamond whetstone is is a cheap one (can be had for less than 3,000 yen) on which diamond particles are electrodeposited.
I wonder how many diamond particles I have lost in this process.

It may be hard to tell from the photo, but my whetstone is now flat on both sides.

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