December 29, 2010

Making Curry and Beef Stew at the Same Time/カレーとビーフシチューを同時に作る

It's the same old story: My children wanted to have different dishes for supper: curry for my daughter and beef stew for my son. It's easy to solve this problem if you have these:

Top: Store-bought curry roux
Bottom: Store-bought beef stew roux
上: 市販のカレールー
下: 市販のビーフシチューのルー

I simmered the ingredients in a big pot, and when they were done, I transferred half of them to another pot.

Right: Curry
Left: "Beef" stew (with pork in it)
右: カレー
左: 「ビーフ」シチュー(入っているのは豚肉)

Sorry, nothing to write home about...

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