February 17, 2011

Enoki Koori (Enoki Ice)/えのき氷

Here is how to make "enoki koori", which is effective to your body/体に良く効く「えのき氷」はこうやって作る on the JA Nagano site/JA長野県のサイト
Enoki koori/えのき氷(こおり)on the COOKPAD site/COOKPADのサイト

"Enoki koori" (lit. enoki ice) is an invention of Hirofumi Ato of JA Nakano City.

Here is a brief description of how to make "enoki koori" properly:
Prepare 300 g enoki and 400 g water.
Finely chop enoki, put in a blender, add water, process for 30 seconds into paste.
Transfer to a pot, and simmer for 60 minutes while stirring regularly to prevent burning and boiling over, until 700 g paste reduces to 500 g.
Transfer to 2 ice trays and put in the freezer.
Put "enoki koori" in miso soup, simmered dishes, curry, stir-fries, tempura batter, and so on. Use up to 3 cubes per day per person.


えのきを300 g、水を400 g用意します。
鍋に移し、焦げ、ふきこぼれを防ぐため、かき混ぜながら、700 gが500 gに減るまで60分間、煮詰めます。

Since I learned of enoki koori, I've wanted to make some myself, but simmering for a whole hour while stirring is such a daunting task! Today, I hit on a good idea. Here is a report on what I did to make some enoki koori.


I had gotten a bag of substandard enoki from an enoki producer, and put it in the freezer.

I decided to heat one half in the toaster oven and the other half in a frying pan.

Enoki on the toaster oven tray:

Enoki in a frying pan:

I put the lid on the pan, and the enoki was cooked for less than three minutes.

I set the timer of the toaster oven to 8 minutes.

Obviously, cooking in a frying pan is more efficient than in a toaster oven.

I added the enoki cooked in the toaster oven to the frying pan. I heated the enoki for another 2 minutes.

The enoki weighed 450 g. It was 600 g before cooked.
えのきの重さは450 gでした。火を通す前は600 gでした。

I put the enoki in the blender, and pressed the flash button, but the blade wouldn't rotate. So, I added 50 ml hot water.
えのきをミキサーに入れ、フラッシュボタンを押しましたが、刃が回転しませんでした。そこで、お湯を50 ml足しました。

Then, I added another 50 ml.
次に、また50 ml足しました。

Then, I added still another 25 ml. Now the enoki looked thoroughly processed.
次に、さらに25 ml足しました。これで、完全にできたようです。

I transferred some enoki to an ice tray and the rest in an I-wrap bag.


I succeeded in making 450 + 50 + 50 + 25 = 575 g enoki koori from 600 g fresh enoki.
生のえのき600 gからえのき氷を450 + 50 + 50 + 25 = 575 g作ることができました。

To be continued

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