March 20, 2011

Okara Pancakes (Hotcakes)/おからホットケーキ

Today, I made some okara pancakes (hotcakes). In Japan, the term hotcake not pancake is usually used.

300 g pancake mix
300 g home-made, very milky okara (soy pulp)
1 egg (2 should be better)
2 tsp baking powder (maybe not required)
Soy milk to adjust the texture of the dough

ホットケーキの素 300 g
自家製の、豆乳がいっぱい入ったおから 300 g
卵 1個(2個のほうがいいでしょう)
ベーキングパウダー 小さじ2(不要かも)

I used this pancake mix.

I used two non-stick frying pans to shorten the total cooking time.

The texture was almost the same as that of normal, okara-less pancakes.

Because I didn't add additional sugar, the resultant pancakes were less sweet than normal ones. My kind of pancake!


Kelly said...

These and the ice cream I will have to try. My husband would love some hotcakes.

Hiroyuki said...

Kelly: And, I will have to try many more other okara dishes, sweets, and so on (laugh). Making soy milk is making okara!!

Kelly said...

I had to play with the flour mix a bit since we don't use wheat or eggs, but they turned out yummy.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Hiroyuki said...

Kelly: Brown rice flour, brown sugar, flax seed, etc. etc... That's quite amazing!

Adzuki bean paste? That will make your pancakes taste like dorayaki!! (laugh)

Fräulein Trude said...

Dear hiroyuki-san
your pancakes are looking delicious.
I will use my next okara for some buttermilk pancakes too. If you are interested in the apple bread recipe I mentioned
Doesn't look much (picture taken by smartphone :-)) but it has a nice texture and taste.