March 4, 2011

Soy Milk Maker, MAZUBA MSP-8501RJ/豆乳メーカーMAZUBA MSP-8501RJ

Note: This post is not intended to criticize the soy milk maker or the manufacturer.
注: この投稿はこの豆乳メーカーや製造メーカーを批判するものではありません。

Product number: MAZUBA MSP-8501RJ
Manufactured by: Kanda Musen Denki Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of LaOX CO., Ltd.

Overview: Makes 1.4 to 1.6 liters of soy milk from 100 g dry and 200 g soaked soybeans in 35 and 25 minutes, respectively. Can also make healthy soup, corn soup, oshiruko (red bean soup), and vegetable juice.

Power requirements: 100 VAC 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption: 200 W/700 W (during heating)
Rated capacity: 1.4 to 1.6 liters
Dimensions: 25.5 (W) x 17.8 (D) x 30.5 cm (H)
Weight: 3.16 kg
Power cord length: 1.4 m

Safety switch
No-water burning prevention sensor
Boil-over prevention sensor
Motor overheating prevention function

Comes with a bag of 250 g dry soybeans and a collection of recipes.

I bought mine for 12,800 yen, including the shipping charge, from an online shop.

製品番号: MAZUBA MSP-8501RJ
製造: 神田無線電気株式会社(ラオックスの子会社)

概要: 乾燥大豆100 g、浸し大豆200 gから、それぞれ35分、25分で豆乳を1.4~1.6リットル作ります。ヘルシースープ、コーンスープ、お汁粉、野菜果汁も作ることができます。

電源: AC100 V 50/60Hz
定格消費電力: 200 W/700 W(加熱時)
定格容量: 1.4~1.6 L
寸法: 25.5 (W) x 17.8 (D) x 30.5 cm (H)
重量: 3.16 kg
電源コード長: 1.4 m


乾燥大豆250 gパックとレシピー集が付属します。


Microcomputer unit
You can see from top to bottom: heating element, no-water burning prevention sensor, grinder, and boil-over prevention sensor.
The grinder is not detachable, so you have to be very careful not to hurt yourself when washing. You also have to be careful not to let water enter the microcomputer unit.

I don't think that the supplied measuring cup is calibrated properly. The scale below reads 260 g, and the cup weighs 55 g, so the soaked soybeans should weigh 205 g, but actually, the soybeans are well over the 200 g line indicated on the cup.
付属の計量カップの目盛りは正しくないと思います。下のはかりは260 gを指しています。カップの重さは55 gなので、大豆の重さは205 gのはずですが、実際はカップに示された200 gの線よりかなり上にあります。

I wanted to follow recipe 1, which calls for 350 g soaked soybeans and 5 1/2 cup (1,100 ml) water to make thick soy milk.
However, if you put more than 200 g soaked soybeans in the pot, the microcomputer unit does not fit in the pot, because of the long heating element.
私はレシピー1(濃い豆乳を作るため、浸し大豆を350 g、水を5 1/2カップ(1,100 ml)使う)を試したかったのですが、
浸し大豆を200 g以上ポットに入れると、ヒーターが長過ぎて、マイコン部がポットにフィットしません。

So, I put only 200 g soaked soybeans, and added 1,100 ml of water. The water level was about 0.7 cm lower than the lower limit indicated on the pot.
そこで、浸し大豆を200 gだけ入れ、水を1,100 ml入れました。水位は、ポットにある下限線より0.7 cmくらい下でした。

Insert the power cord female plug into the socket, and all the six lamps will light. Press the Tonyu (Soy milk) button once, and only the Kanso mame (Dry bean) lamp will now light. Press the Tonyu button again, and only the Hitashi mame (saoked bean) lamp will now light. Press the Start button.

Soy milk is made from soaked beans in 25 minutes (and dry beans in 35 minutes).
When soy milk is made, the beep sounds.

I washed the microcomputer unit immediately .

I placed the supplied sieve on top of the supplied container.

The sieve is too small to contain all the soy milk at once.

I had to wait a few minutes until I could transfer the rest.

I washed the pot and the "mixer" (cylindrical part) immediately.

I transferred the okara (soy pulp) to the bowl that already contained the okara from the first batch.

Soy milk in the container. The container is not calibrated, so I can't tell exactly how much soy milk I got. Probably 1.2 liters or so.

This is almost all the parts contained in the box.

This is the recipe I tried to follow (lower one). As I mentioned earlier, it calls for 350 g soaked soybeans and 5 + 1/2 cups = 1,100 ml water to make thick soy milk, but you can't put more than 200 g soaked soybeans in the pot! How can this happen? Did the recipe writer really use this soy milk maker to make this recipe??
これが試そうと思ったレシピー(下の方)です。前述したとおり、濃い豆乳を作るため、浸し大豆を350 g、水を5 + 1/2カップ = 1,100 ml使うようになっていますが、ポットには浸し大豆を200 g以上入れられません。何でこうなるんでしょう?レシピーを書いた人は本当にこの豆乳メーカーを使ってレシピーを作ったのでしょうか??

The instruction manual does not contain a description of how to make oshiruko! What is this supposed to mean??

I made one batch of corn soup according to the instruction manual, and the resultant corn soup was very thin. We had to add some store-bought cream stew roux and some sliced onion (microwaved).

Safety precautions, warnings, and cautions on two pages

No wonder that my father (82) was unable to decipher the instruction manual. No clear-cut, step-by-step instructions. Sadly, such instruction manuals are more a rule than an exception.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't look so easy to use. Even I am worried about it. Does your father also want to make homemade tofu? If not, and if he will just make soy milk for drinking, then I suggest this easy recipe for soy-milk (for drinking)

1) cook soy beans
2) blend a small handful with water in powerful blender (such as vita mix) per person
3) drink

this is the soy-milk breakfast that we have at home during the weekdays. it's very high in fiber because you don't strain the okara (but still tastes smooth because we use a powerful blender)
this easy, light breakfast keeps me going until lunchtime! it's wonderful!

Hiroyuki said...

Anomymous: Thank you for your comment. You are right, and I actually suggested buying a type of blender that can grind dry soybeans, but my father said he had tried making soy milk in a similar way, using soaked soybeans, and he didn't like the flavor and texture of the resultant soy milk.

I got a call from him this morning, saying he was successfull in making soy milk this time, thanks to the instruction manual I wrote myself, with lots of photos. He is very pleased with his soy milk maker. He said he wanted to make tofu some day.

Unknown said...

Hi. I'm from Argentina and I have a machine like yours to make soy milk. I do not have the instruction manual to use it. You can send me photos of your manual or a scan and the recipes that come with the machine. I would appreciate. My email is Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hiroyuki said...


Sorry, but I can't meet your request because I'm currently away from home.