March 26, 2011

Okara Yaki/おから焼き

I have stopped calling my "okara bread" bread, and now I call it okara yaki. Yaki derives from yaku (to bake, grill, burn, etc.), and means something baked, grilled, etc. And, I have changed the texture of the dough. It is now more like batter than dough.

Premade okara yaki, topped with pizza cheese and grilled, and then sprinkled with sesame seeds, topped with some katsuobushi, and sprinkled with soy sauce:

You may not believe it, but it's very yummy!


Barb said...

That's very interesting. I would never have thought of putting katsuobushi with cheese.
I would probably love it, though, as I like the flavor of both.

Hiroyuki said...

Barb: The combination of cheese and soy sauce is wonderful, and katsuobushi is a great source of natural umami.

I totally forgot to mention about the sesame seeds, and I corrected the post.

Kelly said...

That sounds delicious. That may be what I make for dinner now. Thanks for the inspiration.


Hiroyuki said...

Kelly: Thanks! I'd like to see some German touches!

Peter W said...

A suggestion for an English name -- you could call it okara flatbread. "Flatbread" covers the category of things like naan and pita, I think.
I love your creative uses for okara!

Hiroyuki said...

Peter W: Thanks for the suggestion. Hmm... Okara flatbread sounds more appropriate. OK, this baked item is now officially called okara flatbread!

Unknown said...

Please share your Okara dough recipe with us!!

Hiroyuki said...

k saito:

Thanks for retrieving an old post, but unfortunately, I really don't remember the exact recipe.

Check out this post
and make any necessary adjustment (changing the soy pulp to wheat ratio, for exmale) to make the dough runnier.

Unknown said...

Thank you. Friend of mine they asked me to get to you.
I will look the link.