July 1, 2011

Aji Sashimi, etc./アジの刺身など

Aji are in season right now, at least in Japan, and I just had to buy one pack of aji sashimi yesterday for 380 yen. I also bought one pack (200 g) of sakuranbo (Japanese cherries) for 298 yen for my children and some pork liver karaage for my wife, who is prone to be anemic.
少なくとも日本では、今、アジが旬なので、昨日、アジの刺身を1パック(380円)買いました。また、子供たちのために、さくらんぼを1パック(200 g、298円)、貧血気味の妻のために豚レバーの唐揚げを買いました。
I had the sashimi for lunch, together with two leftover onigiri.
I had the sashimi with soy sauce and the supplied grated ginger, not wasabi. Aji sashimi is often eaten this way.
The two shallow cuts provide a nice texture. (Not all aji sashimi have these cuts.)

You can learn how make aji sashimi from itasan's video.


Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, I would love so much to be sure the fish I buy here is sometimes fresh enough to make and eat sashimi... Even when the eyes are shiny and the flesh firm, I am afraid of making it in sashimi... I know it's never the same day's catch, but don't know how many days the fish spent in the ice...

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Only sashimi-grade fish can be eaten as sashimi. Have you ever asked the fish monger if they have sashimi-grade fish?

Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, I am worried they would always say yes... And of course they know that raw fish is eaten in Japanese restaurants, but I think they have no idea what sashimi grade means...
I will stick to aji tempura and salted & grilled aji and I must make nanban zuke (if I remember well the name)

Jenny at Baking Devils said...

Hi Hiroyuki,
This is such a wonderful and informative site. I found it through Sissi's site and am really pleased I did. Your food looks great! Thanks for sharing.

Hiroyuki said...

Jenny at Baking Devils: Thanks for your comment. I visited your site, and was amused to find a mention of Chocolate & Zucchini. It's a small world! She is also a member of eGullet. (Have you checked out the warabi mochi post on her site?)