July 5, 2011

Some Other Miscellaneous Photos/また雑多な写真

Yesterday, I bought four korokke (Japanese croquettes), as well as salt-grilled buri kama (collar) and salt-grilled kanpachi kama.
Two of the korokke are kabocha korokke, and the two others are beef korokke. Salt-grilled fish collar is one of those dishes that are very easy to make and yet very, very tasty.

Today, both my wife and I were busy, so I bought some tempura to have with cha soba.
Prawn tempura and ayu (sweetfish) tempura.

Cha soba was delicious.


fred said...

I wonder why Japanese so love to eat salted&grilled fish collar?

We're here often use a whole fish' head for soups, because it is the most tasty part from fish.
And the collar usually ended up with deep fried or put in the soup too!

Sissi said...

Fish collar??? I think I will read your blog for ten years and I will keep on opening my eyes wide at least once a week!! (My habit of eating grilled fish tail seems so ordinary here ;-)
By the way, I have learnt why my shrimp tempura is extremely curled: I don't buy the right shrimp! My shrimp was very very short and thick (4cm long), so they were not heavy enough to keep straight (I hope). I saw last week the frozen shrimp perfect for tempura. They were long and looked like the ones on your blog. I will try to fry them and see if they curl less.

Hiroyuki said...

fred: We also put heads, collars, and other trimmings (ara) in soup to make ara jiru あら汁, but simply grilling with salt is probably the best way to savor the flavor and texture of the fish.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: 4 cm long? Too short for ebi ten, but such small shrimp can be used to make kakiage with other ingredients such as mitsuba.

Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, first of all, thank you once more for the onion salad recipe and for your kind comment!
Thank you also for this suggestion. I would have never thought of mixing mitsuba and shrimp in kakiage...
Talking about mitsuba... Do you have any natural ways to fight the small green bugs? I only have a special chemical spray, but when I use it I can't eat the leaves for at least five days... I think birds keep on bringing these bugs to my balcony... And the bugs prefer parsley and mitsuba (they don't like shiso luckily).

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: A short comment before I go to bed:
So far, I have sprayed bamboo vinegar and milk, and I have hung some CDs on a string, but none of these measures have really worked well.

Another solution: Ladybugs eat aphids! (By small green bugs, you mean aphids, rights?)

Sissi said...

Thank you, Hiroyuki! I will try spraying milk then! And will see if I can pick some ladybugs, I have completely forgotten they eat aphids (yes, thank you for the word, I meant aphids!).