November 20, 2011

Daikon Steak/大根ステーキ

I made daikon steak as part of supper tonight.

The recipe I referred to says to cut daikon into 2-cm thick rounds and heat in a 600-W microwave for 3 min. to 3 min. and 30 sec. I cut mine into 1.5-cm thick rounds and heated in a 800-W microwave for 3 min. The daikon rounds looked still tough, so I heated them for another 3 min. They turned translucent and looked tender, so I pan-fried them with some oil and seasoned with 40 ml soy sauce, 40 ml mirin, and 20 ml sake.
私が参考にしたレシピーには、大根を2cm厚に切って、600Wの電子レンジで3分~3分30秒加熱すると書かれていました。私は1.5cm厚に切って、800Wの電子レンジで3分加熱しましたが、大根はまだ硬そうでした。そこでもう3分加熱しました。半透明になり、柔らかくなったようなので、油を少し入れたフライパンで焼き、しょう油40 ml、みりん40 ml、お酒20 mlで味付けしました。
(As you can see, I also made chicken tsukune.)

I was wrong! When I tasted one, I found it was still tough! I thought it was "mazui" (not bad). Surprisingly, my wife said it was good. My daughter also said she could eat it.
The next time I make daikon steak, I will be more careful. I don't want to eat tough daikon!
Correction: mazui = bad, not good. What a silly mistake!
I wonder why some recipes are so... inappropriate.


Fräulein Trude said...

この大根はまずいです。 I don't know. Tomorrow I have a japanese language test again and I am not prepared (laugh).
It takes quite a time to simmer daikon until it is soft and translucent. Do you remember this Osen episode were the young guy has to cook the daikon, hours and hours? There are lots of recipes on the web which do not work out. But it is a nice idea to roast the daikon. If it is too soft it will do no good in the pan.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: I didn't know you were that serious about studying Japanese! Ganbatte ne! 頑張ってね!

Yes, and I also remember the last episode where Osen simmers a thick daikon round in a pot for the son of the entrepreneur(?).

There is even a recipe
that does not require you to simmer daikon; you just pan-fry daikon rounds. It must be for someone like my wife who wouldn't mind tough daikon.

Given a choice, I always go for a simpler recipe, and you know what, the recipe I referred to is from a site of Kikkoman, a very famous soy sauce manufacturer in Japan.

Sissi said...

Kiki, Hiroyuki: I also remember the Osen episode with daikon! I am ashamed to say I have never simmered daikon in my life! I only had it raw grated... I must start simmering it.
I must ask my teacher to be stricter with me and make tests too. It will force me to study more! I am too lazy!
Good luck, Kiki!

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: That's nothing to be ashamed of (laugh)!
I hope you will like the flavor of simmered daikon!

muskratbyte said...

These look delicious! I was also taking Japanese classes! I had to stop because I'm going to school for my Bachelor's in Psychology. But I still try to study Japanese on my own.

Hiroyuki said...

muskrat: Do they? But they are tough and may not be as tasty as you might think it is.

Studying Japanese? Ganbatte ne 頑張ってね to you, too!