February 3, 2012


Soboro is another example of a Japanese dish that can be made easily yet tastes so good.
The other day, I had to deal with so much snow around the house that I was in no mood for making supper, so I decided to make soboro.
Note that my soboro is made with ground pork, not ground chicken.
Sorry, no description of the recipe.


Fräulein Trude said...

Scrambled eggs, ground pork and pickled ginger? Yes this is a nice dish. I have to deal with the snow later on, when I arrive at home. My this weeks "no time to cook" dish was: scrambled eggs with lots of spring onion green incorporated and roasted button mushrooms.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: Yours sounds good, too!

muskratbyte said...

Is there rice underneath?

Hiroyuki said...

muskratbyte: Yes, yes, rice underneath! Sorry, I didn't bother mentioning it.