June 24, 2012

Okky Nameko/オッキーなめこ

Okky Nameko is one of my favorite mushrooms. It's a new type of nameko produced by Sugawara Reizou Co., Ltd. (Japanese only), located in Yamagata, using culture medium containing plant collagen. Obviously, its greatest feature is its size, and the manufacturer says even its stem tastes good. 
Note: I'm not sure how to spell オッキー in English. The spelling Okky is tentative. 

The other day, I bought two packs. 

I just put it in miso soup, together with diced silken tofu. 
さいの目に切った絹豆腐と一緒に味噌汁に入れました。 Edited to add a photo: 写真を追加: Before the advent of Okky Nameko, nameko this size was of large size. オッキーなめこが登場する前は、このサイズのなめこが大きいサイズでした。


Ruminating Roy said...

Those are quite large! Nameko are one of my wife's favorite additions to misosiru, so hopefully soon someone will import or license these to the US.

Hiroyuki said...

Ruminating Roy: I just added another photo.

At present, Sugawara Reizou is the only manufacturer in Japan that produces Okky Nameko.

Sissi said...

I have never tasted this mushroom (apparently nameko in general can be bought canned but the taste must be much worse...). It sounds delicious.

Fräulein Trude said...

Sadly we don't have so many different kinds of mushrooms in our shops. In Japan there are lots of wood consuming mushrooms in commercial use which are nearly unknown here. I researched a little and found okky nameko are a japanese variety of the family of Strophariaceae named Pholiota nameko (bot. lat.). We have a german name for these mushrooms too but they don't sell them that often. In german they are called "tiny golden caps". They can be easily raised on birch chunks as described on german mushroom farming websites. I wonder if I should order some breed for my mushroom garden as shown in this picture http://www.shiitake.de/infos_allg/nameko/nameko_stamm.jpg.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi and Kiki: Nameko is slimy, so I have no idea whether you will like it or not.

Kiki, thanks for the link. My father-in-law grows nameko in the same way. If left to grow, nameko can become very huge. We were once given such huge ones. They were still edible but didn't look very appetizing.

Fräulein Trude said...

They are related to another small variety which I do know very well. I guess I will like them. The small ones are slimy too but have a nice flavour.