June 18, 2012

Follow-Up on My Ume Drink/梅ジュースのフォローアップ

On June 16, I finally transferred the syrup to a PET bottle and the ume in two containers.
I diluted some syrup with four times the amount of water, and this time, the resultant drink satisfied me.  A good balance of sweetness and sourness.  The ume taste good, too.

Syrup in a PET bottle on the left, and diluted syrup in a bottle on the right.


Yangsze said...

I've always wanted to try doing this, but every time I see ume for sale here in the Japanese market, I end up making ume shuu....

Hiroyuki said...

YSC: I highly recommend making ume syrup because 1. It takes much less time to make, 2. It doesn't require expensive rock sugar, and 3. It's versatile!