June 6, 2012

Potato Salad Sandwiches/ポテトサラダサンド

For lunch today, I made potato salad sandwiches, using leftover potato salad.
In Japan, potato salad sandwiches are very popular, and I personally like them very much.  When I make potato salad, I often make a lot of it, so that I can make potato salad sandwiches for lunch the next day.
Although not visible in the photo, I placed one slice of ham on top of each slice of bread.  I usually leave out butter or margarine.  As shown in the photo, I sometimes pour some tonkatsu or chuunou sauce.


Sissi said...

What a brilliant idea to put this salad in a sandwich. I haven't had my breakfast yet (I wasn't hungry today so I wait for lunch) and seeing these sandwiches made me think I would devour at least five huge ones! I love potato salad and although I have never had a Japanese potato salad, I know I would like it a lot.
Remember our conversation about rice eaten with okonomiyaki? For many Europeans having sandwiches with potato salad inside is like having bread with rice (two important carbs in one dish). I am sure however that most of those who would never dare such a combination, would love this sandwich.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Yes, I do remember. Such a carb and carb combination would be too much for you, but most Japanese like it a lot.

Do you remember the egg sandwich episode of Shinya Shokudo? For most Japanese, potato salad sandwiches are as commonplace as egg sandwiches (although the latter is not a carb and carb combination).

Sissi said...

Rice and okonomiyaki is too much for me. Rice and bread too, but potato salad and bread: a big YES :-) so I will try it and share my impressions.
I do remember the egg sandwich episode! It made me very hungry.

muskratbyte said...

I've had egg salad sandwiches, but never a potato salad sandwich. That does look tasty! Did you make potato salad again with okara?

Fräulein Trude said...

I have to agree with Sissy, most European would never use a potatoe salad or any rice salad or noodle salad as spread for bread (or rice with noodles as side dish). Common yakisoba filled bread / pan is something very strange for us. In fact I only know about one german dish where noodles and potatoes are combined. I had one cornish dish last week: a pasty made from baked pasty dough filled with potatoes, meat, some root vegetables and leek and I was somehow astonished about the combination of potatoes with the "bread"dough. But it tasted fantastic yet very filling.

Hiroyuki said...

muskratbyte: No, no okara in this particular potato salad. I haven't made soy milk for months now, partly because I was on a diet until March. By the way, you have good memory! (laugh)

Kiki: Pasty dough with potatoes? That sounds delicious! If you liked that dish, maybe you will like the potato salad sandwiches!

Yangsze said...

Indians and other S.E Asians make samosas and curry puffs with potato fillings. Have you tried it? When done well, it's really delicious with pastry enclosing curried potato with peas and onions, then deep fried. Not good for a diet though!

Oh, another carb and carb combination is dosa (a thin, crisp Indian crepe made of rice flour) also with a curried potato filling. There's also a Chinese deep fried crispy fritter enclosed in a giant rice flour noodle (for lack of a better description). Also, what about pastries with a sweet potato or chestnut filling? It would be interesting to list other examples ;)

Hiroyuki said...

YSC: Thank you for reminding us of these dishes. I don't think I've ever had samosas, and I only vaguely know what they are.

I have a feeling that a carb and carb combination is actually quite good, and it's certainly much better than a fat and fat combination like tonkatsu curry!

Rhizowen said...

Hajimemashite Hiroyuki-san

What a fascinating blog! I have had the pleasure of visiting japan and very much enjoyed the food.

In the UK we have a tradition of eating something called a chip butty, which is a sandwich made of bread and butter with a filling of chips (French fries) usually with tomato sauce squirted all over the chips. On a cold, damp winter's day, it is a great way to keep warm.

Hiroyuki said...

Rhizowen: Thank you for your comment. And, thank you for visiting my country despite the appreciation of the yen!

I did a quick Google search for chip butty. Just incredible! So, I guess English people enjoy a carb and carb combination just like many Asians.

muskratbyte said...

Carb+carb is usually a tasty combination! I love samosas and dosas, and savory pies with meat, veggies and potatoes inside. The combination is not so good for the waistline though!!!

Hiroyuki-san, I read about your "adventures in okara" several times. My mother was making lots of soy milk, and tofu, so she gave me a large bag of okara. I was trying to figure out what to do with it. As you mentioned, it was good with potato salad. It was over Thanksgiving holiday that I used the remainder in the vegan dressing http://allrecipes.com/recipe/wild-rice-n-bread-dressing/ I was making (my best friend is vegetarian, and allergic to eggs). It came out moist and delicious!

Sissi said...

Talking about carbs and carbs... I have just remembered that one of my favourite dumplings are filled with a mixture of potatoes, fried onions and fresh cow's cheese with lots of black pepper... A pure delight! (But very filling). I have completely forgotten this! It is so good, I have never thought that it's flour-based dumpling filled with other type of carb (potato).
I really must buy potatoes and try the potato salad on bread. I am starting to have dreams about it ;-)

Hiroyuki said...

muskratbyte: I'm glad you liked your potato salad with okara in it!

Sissi: I hope you make your dreams come true soon! (laugh)

Nerd Mom said...

I've seen potato salad sandwiches in the prepared foods departments of Japanese grocery stores here in California. I have yet to try one since I usually go for the yakisoba pan instead.

Hiroyuki said...

Nerd Mom: Thanks for your comment.

I hope you try one soon, but as for me, I very much prefer home-made ones. I hate store-bought potato salad sandwiches with a skimpy amount of potato salad in them.