May 20, 2013

Nukadoko Bread/ぬか床パン

Ever since I started to keep nukadoko (rice bran bed for pickling), I've wanted to try making bread using nukadoko as a starter. But I've also been scared to try it. After careful searching, I think I'm finally ready to give it a try.
I basically followed this recipe (Japanese only), which calls for:
350 g cake flour
50 g rye flour
80 g nukadoko
3 g salt
170 g water
Handful of caraway seeds
1. Mix all ingredients.
2. Put in vinyl bag, seal, and let sit at room temperature for about half a day until it doubles in size. (Primary fermentation)
3. Reshape, and put in oven preheated for 2 min. at 180oC for about 1 hour for secondary fermentation.
4. Bake without preheating (cold start) at 170oC for 50 min.
薄力粉 350g
ライ麦粉 50g
     ぬか床  80g
     塩      3g
     水    170g
    キャラウェイシード ひとつかみ
手順) 1,材料を全部捏ねる
I modified the ingredients of the original recipe as follows:
100 g bread flour
25 g rice flour (20% of the dough)
25 g nukadoko (dough to nukadoko ratio = 5:1)
68 ml water
強力粉(きょうりきこ) 100 g
米粉 25 g(生地の2割)
ぬか床 25 g(生地とぬか床の割合 = 5:1)
水 68 ml
My nukadoko as of today:
It contains daikon greens.
Bread flour and rice flour:
In Japan, wheat flour is classified according to gluten content as kyouriki, chuuriki, and hakuriki, which correspond to bread, all-purpose, and cake flour in the United States, respectively.
日本では、小麦粉はグルテンの量により強力(きょうりき)、中力(ちゅうりき)、薄力(はくりき)に分類され、それぞれ米国のbread, all-purpose, cake flourに対応します。
After I put bread flour, rice flour, and nukadoko in a mixing bowl,
I found that I made a stupid mistake!
I mixed together 125 g bread flour, 25 g rice flour, and 68 g nukadoko!
Anyway, I added about 70 ml water and turned the ingredients into dough.
強力粉を125 g、米粉を25 g、ぬか床を68 g混ぜてしまいました!
とにかく、水を70 mlくらい入れ、生地にしました。 
I put the dough in an I-Wrap bag.
Well, I think I can learn a lot from a failure...

To be continued.


Stacy said...

This looks interesting, I assumed the nukadoko would absorb flavours from the items you are pickling but if you can make bread from it then maybe not!

Hiroyuki said...

Stacy: Absorb flavours??? Nukadoko absorbs water from the ingredients and imparts profound flavors to them!

fred said...

A typo there on flour classification(English part); "break" should be "bread" I guess.

This one really interesting... no yeast, probably similar with salt-rising bread?

Hiroyuki said...

fred: Yes, thanks! I have just corrected it.

Thanks for the link. Salt-rising bread is more interesting than nukadoko bread, I think.

Nukadoko is like sourdough; both contain lactic acid bacteria and yeast.