August 24, 2013

Dimensions of the 5-Cup Wire-Frame Dripper/5人用金枠ドリッパーの寸法

For those of you who wish to try the Matsuya method of brewing coffee, here are the approximate dimensions of the 5-cup wire-frame dripper available from Flavor Coffee.
The stainless steel wire has a diameter of 2 mm, except the four bent segments, which has a diameter of 1 mm.
ステンレスのワイヤの直径は2 mmで、曲がった4つの部分のワイヤの直径は1 mmです。


Anonymous said...

So...did you get time to actually drink your coffee after all that hard work?! I'm afraid I often make my "drip" coffee in a tea-strainer bought at the hyakkin store! -helenjp

Hiroyuki said...

Anonymous (helenjp?): It's good to see you again!
Not much hard work. You can make coffee for 5 cups within ten minutes. I start by boiling some water in a kettle. Then I get all the necessary equipment from cupboard and make all the necessary preparations. When the water comes to a boil, I transfer it to my drip pot (rest of the water to the thermos), start pouring for "murashi" (steaming), set the timer for 3 min. and do something else. When the timer beeps, I start pouring again, and it takes 2-3 min. to make 300 ml very strong coffee. (According to Flavor Coffee's videos, it should take only about 1.5 min.) Finally, I dilute the coffee with an equal amount of water. I sometimes leave the coffee un-diluted, especially when I make coffee at night, so I can have a cup of coffee the next morning right away. (I simply leave the coffee at room temp. on the kichen counter.)

I have tried a tea strainer several times, but I don't like the the flavor of the resulant coffee.