August 20, 2013

Volume 11 of Shinya Shokudo/深夜食堂の第十一巻

Volume 11 of Shinya Shokudo was published on August 4, 2013.
List of episodes of Volume 11 of the manga book, Shinya Shokudo
142 Lettuce chahan (fried rice)
143 Beni shoga no tempura (red pickled ginger tempura)
144 Wakame and cucumber sunomono (vinegared dish)
145 Pidan (century egg) tofu
146 Grilled chicken thigh and tulip
147 Shaved ice
148 Tofu kimchi jjigae
149 Fried potato (French fries)
150 Crab cream corokke
151 Nagaimo (lit. long yam) sauteed
152 Simmered taro and squid
153 Takoyaki
154 Tonjiru (pork soup)
155 Corn and butter

142 レタスチャーハン
143 紅しょうがの天ぷら
144 わかめとキュウリの酢の物
145 ピータン豆腐
146 鶏モモ焼きとチューリップ
147 かき氷
148 豆腐キムチチゲ
149 フライドポテト
150 カニクリームコロッケ
151 長いものソテー
152 里いもとイカの煮もの
153 たこ焼き
154 豚汁
155 コーンバター

Beni shoga tempura is new to me. You won't see it sold in Tokyo, but according to the manga, it's a common item in supermarkets in Osaka.
In Japan, wakame (a type of seaweed) and cucumbers are a very common combination.
So are taro and squid. They are often simmered together.


Anonymous said...

I learned about this manga (and drama) by reading your blog -- thank you! It's very interesting and fun to read!

Ruminating Roy said...

The things that Master makes for his customers seem to be a never-ending display of culinary skill. Thank you for exposing me to this manga, and by extent the television series. Both have made it more interesting to cook!

Hiroyuki said...

anonymous: Thanks for your comment. If you happen to have any TV dramas, movies, and so on that you want to share with us, feel free to post them here:

Ruminating Roy: Culinary skill? You can say that again, but then again, almost all the dishes don't require much skill...

Sissi said...

Thank you so much, Hiroyuki. I almost feel as if I had just had a big delicious dinner. So many dishes I love or that I would love to taste.
Takoyaki was such a wonderful discovery in Tokyo! Pickled ginger tempura sounds very unusual but I'm sure I'd like it a lot.
Apparently there is no end to the master's culinary skills.
By the way, I have heard that in southern US people love pickled cucumber coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. Funny coincidence, isn't it?

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Pickled cucumber breaded and deep-fried? That sounds interesting!

The master's culinary skills are augmented by his clientele.

There may be people who are confused with the word "tulip". Here is one video that show how to make it:

Sissi said...

Thank you for the link. They actually sell chicken wings prepared the same way in the supermarket for restaurants (the one where I buy fish).
You know, while watching the video I thought I wouldn't mind roasting the bit they discard until it's brown and crunchy and eating it together with its crunchy bone ;-) I love it!