December 25, 2014

My Oden Recipe/私のおでんのレシピ

On December 21, I made oden, and submitted my oden recipe to COOKPAD, Japan's largest recipe site. You can read my recipe from here (Hiro312's kitchen), although it's entirely in Japanese. It's basically the same as that I previously submitted here in my blog:

My point is to separate oden ingredients into those that will absorb the broth and become tasty when simmered for a long time and those that will impart their flavors to the broth and become less tasty when simmered for a long time. Suppose you keep having oden for supper on four days, you may want to put lots of ingredients of the former type in the pot and put just enough amounts of ingredients of the latter type for each supper.

Three ingredients of my choice:
Daikon, konnyaku, and boiled eggs.

After I turned off the heat, I added some sardine tsumire and chikuwabu, and put on the lid to heat the two additional ingredients.

Day 2: We had the same oden, with no additional ingredients (on day 1, my children didn't have as much oden as I had expected). No photo.
二日目: 具を足さず、同じおでんを食べました(初日、子供たちが思ったほど食べなかったので)。写真はありません。

Day 3: I added two additional ingredients.
三日目: 具を2種類足しました。
I really like boiled eggs with broth seeped into them.
Day 4:
I had some for lunch. I was surprised to find that some sardine tsumire and chikuwabu were still hinding in the broth! The chikuwabu was tasty enough, but the sardine tsumire tasted as if their umami had been gone.

Day 4, supper:
I added some more ingredients.
As I said above, I really like boiled eggs in oden.

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