December 9, 2014

Petit Zeitaku (Luxury) Worth 2,000 Yen/2,000円分のプチ贅沢

The day before yesterday, I got 2,000 yen as the reward for the duty I performed this summer for the agricultural area, and I suddenly hit upon a good idea: doing some petit zeitaku (luxury) with this money. I decided to use half the money, 1,000 yen, to buy some sashimi for my family and the other half to buy some sake for myself.

So, yesterday, I bought these two sake:

Yuki Otoko (Abominable Snowman) from Aoki Shuzo

Hakucho Kura from Echigo Zakura Shuzo:

This is the very first time that I have had sake from a straw.
And, today, I bought these three packs of sashimi for 980 yen in total.

Tai (sea bream) sashimi:
Assortment of sashimi (buri (adult yellowtail, maguro akami (lean tuna), and tai):
I bought this one shochu:
Iichiko (barley shochu). A very famous brand.

I also bought one One Cup Ozeki.

I also bought some menchi (not as part of the petit zeitaku).
Meat patty type menchi.
The three sake and the one shochu cost 778 yen in total. 778 yen + 980 yen for sashimi = 1,785 yen, excluding 8% consumption tax, which is well within the 2,000 yen budget.

To tell you the truth, I also bought this Hakkaisan sake.

I will have this one tomorrow.

WARNING: For some, a petit zeitaku may mean spending 10,000 yen or more for something they want to eat or do.
警告: 人によっては、プチ贅沢とは、食べたいこと、やりたいことに1万円以上使うことかもしれません。


Fräulein Trude said...

It is different to each and everyone when it comes to spending money on small luxuries. This sake coming with a straw looks like some average small milk or juice carton, awsome.

Hiroyuki said...

>It is different to each and everyone when it comes to spending money on small luxuries.

And, some people will spend only for themselves.

The sake pack is really awsome, and at 95 yen, it's the lowest in price.

Miko said...

優れた way to go mate !

Hiroyuki said...

Miko: Thanks!

Victoria said...

It sounds like a great way to treat your family and yourself. I usually also select a type of food my husband and I like.

Which type of sake do you usually like?

Hiroyuki said...

Victoria: I would have felt guilty if I had spent all the money for myself, and I would have felt stupid if I had spent it all for my family (laugh).

None of the brands I showed here. I like nama zake ("raw sake") from Aoki Shuzo. But the ones I showed here are all very good in their own way, even the one in a paper carton.