July 20, 2015

Eighth Japan Rice Terrace Grass Cutting Art Championship/ 第8回棚田草刈りアート日本選手権大会

On July 19, the Eighth Japan Rice Terrace Grass Cutting Art Championship was held at Tochikubo, Minami-Uonuma city.


I went to see the artworks today (Jan. 20). Well, not all the artworks but just some of them.

Artwork 1: Daikoku-sama (Mahakala) by Team Kaido
作品1: 大黒様 チーム街道 

Artwork 2 : Watermelon Taro is born! by Team Ten-Chi-Jin
作品2: スイカ太郎誕生! チーム天地人
Sorry, blurry.
Artwork 3 (bottomtop): Dragon Bus Series 3 by Masao-
作品3(下): ドラゴンパスシリーズ3 まさおー
Artwork 4 (topbottom): Cutting grass...we were. by Team Three Hairs(??) (I can't tell how the kanji should be pronounced), Nagaoka Institute of Design
作品4(上): 草刈り中・・・でした。  チーム三毛(長岡造形大学) 

Artwork 5: Watch out for fire!! by Tochikubo Fire Company
作品5: 火の用心!! 栃窪消防団
I had to walk up the path to see artworks 6 and 7.
An artwork came in sight.
Artwork 6: O-do (shrine/temple) in a mountain? by Hatsuo Iwai
作品6: 山のお堂? 岩井初男

I wasn't sure if this was artwork 7. I was unable to find a signboard.
I found a signboard very far from the artwork.

Artwork 7: NO RICE NO LIFE! by Ginza Challenge
作品7: NO RICE NO LIFE! ギンザチャレンジ
This is where I found the signboard.
Then, I drove to works 8 and 9.

Artwork 8: Kome no Yojin (lit. Watch out for rice) by Youth Group, JA Shiozawa
作品8 米の用心 JAしおざわ青年部

Artwork 9: Leading figures in snow by Masakazu(?) Fueki
作品9: 雪の要人 笛木正計

A total of 21 individuals/groups participated in the championship. According to this Facebook page, the Scream of Monku (which sounds like Munch. Pun intended, I suppose. Monku means complaint.) won the championship.


Tea Apprentice said...

What an interesting contest. Do you know how it got started?

Hiroyuki said...

Tea Apprentice: They started this championship for fun. Cutting grass on such steep slopes was hard work, and they wanted to find enjoyment in it.