July 28, 2015

Another Attempt with my Espresso Machine, with a Dark Roast/エスプレッソマシンに再び挑戦、深煎りで

Since I got an espresso machine, I have enjoyed drinking espresso, made with a medium roast. This morning, I made a dark roast suitable for espresso.

Weight loss: 19.9%. This is the very first time that I have roasted coffee this dark.

Compare the roast (right) with the medium (slightly darker by my standards) roast with a weight loss of 17.7%.
I usually prefer a medium roast with a weight loss of 15-16%.

My two commercial-grade coffee grinders are now improved with hats for use in parties, which I bought at the 100-yen shop.
The left one is for grinding coffee for espresso.

I ground 10 g of just roasted coffee, and I got 9 g of it in the glass jar, with 1 g left in the coffee grinder.
焙煎したてのコーヒーを10 g挽きました。ガラス瓶に入ったのは9 g、コーヒーミルに1 g残っています。
This is my tamper. I searched all the house, and found this glass container for sake. It fits perfectly in the 53mm dia. portafilter.
I know I have to get a really good one sooner or later, but this one is a good substitute for now.
I brewed about 40 g of espresso from the 9 g of coffee.
9 gのコーヒーからエスプレッソを約40 g淹れました。
Problem: The brewing time is 10 seconds or so, which I think is too short.
Portafilter after the shot:
I need to find out what's wrong.


Fräulein Trude said...

Hi, brewing/steaming time: you have to grind the coffee a lot more finely (my husband's advice).

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: Thanks for your advice, but I've ground my coffee at the finest level (1 out of 10) of my grinder. I've made several other attempts, with more tamping, but the results are the same. Maybe my secondhand grinder is not capable of grinding fine enough for espresso. Maybe I should try store-bought coffee for espresso and compare the grind size.