July 22, 2015

Espresso Machine!/エスプレッソマシーン!

I got an espresso machine! And, it was only 1,980 yen at the secondhand store!
サエコ製のヴィア ヴェネト・ミレニアムです: 
Standard price: 37,800 yen
標準価格:37,800 円

I did some googling and found that this particular model seems no longer available.

Tonight, I made two attempts, with a medium roast, and I found the resulting espresso was very, very good, with lots of crema on top! I'm very excited with my new machine. I will make more attempts tomorrow and report back.

To be continued.



Tea Apprentice said...

Wow, you are very resourceful. I should look in secondhand stores for espresso machines, haha. I never thought I could afford one, but yours is very affordable!

Hiroyuki said...

Tea Apprentice: You can always browse through some online auction sites, too. I got my two commercial-grade grinders at the Yahoo auction site.

Sissi said...

What a great buy! I have been dreaming of an espresso machine for years, but they are so expensive when new... I must also check internet! (Second-hand shops' home appliance offers are really expensive in Switzerland...).

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: When I first saw that machine at the shop, I was little interested, but on the third visit there, I grabbed it. I'm glad that I didn't have to regret my decision. I'm going to make more attempts, and I want to learn to make cafe latte! But, first, I have to make some nice dark roast!