November 28, 2015

Okonomiyaki Rich in Grated Jinenjo/自然薯たっぷりのお好み焼き

I searched for a good recipe for jinenjo (wild yam) on the Internet, but in vain. So, I thought I'd just make okonomiyaki with lots of grated jinenjo in it.

I finely chopped a 1/4 head of cabbage, put it an I-Wrap bag, and microwaved for a few minutes. I usually don't pre-heat cabbage to make okonomiyaki; this is for my wife, who is currently unable to chew properly due to an illness. In a mixing bowl, I put the cabbage, added a bag of dried shrimp, and two large eggs, and mixed well.
Then I added some flour.
First batch:

The batter was very soft, so I used this technique to flip it: sliding it onto a big plate, and putting it back quickly with the upside down. Et voila!
For the second and third batches, I added some more flour.
Third (in a smaller frying pan):
It may not look tasty, but all my family loved it.
As usual, I put a lot of beni shoga (pickled red ginger), ao nori (a type of seaweed), katsuobushi, chuno sauce, and ketchup on mine.
Mayonnaise is also a common topping, but I personally don't like to put in on my okonomiyaki.


ErinBear said...

What a good idea! It looks delicious. I hope your wife will be feeling better soon.

Hiroyuki said...

ErinBear: Thanks for your kind words about my wife!

okasan said...

I made them smaller so it is easier to flap as I am not skillful like you. 笑!

Hiroyuki said...

okasan: Thanks for your words about my wife!
I usually use a 18-cm diameter pan, but I wanted to shorten the cooking time, so I used a 22-cm diameter pan instead, but I ended up using a 18-cm dia. one for the third batch. Poor me...

Yangsze said...

Ooh, looks tasty! Was the texture soft because of the grated yam? Hope your wife feels better soon!

Hiroyuki said...

Yangsze: Thanks for your kind words for my wife!

Yes, because of the grated yam, because of the high percentage of the grated yam, to be exact. I wanted the okonomiyaki to be light, and that's why I added much less flour to the batter.