July 17, 2016

Making Ume Soda by Mixing Ume Syrup with Baking Soda Solution/梅シロップと重曹溶液を混ぜて梅ソーダを作る

Ume are abundant in citric acid, so I figured that I could make ume soda simply by mixing ume syrup with baking soda solution.
So, I dissolved 7 g of baking soda in 500 ml of water, and put the solution in the fridge.
重曹7 gを水500 mlに溶かし、冷蔵庫にしまいました。

Hours later, I mixed the solution with my ume syrup at a ratio of about 1:4.

Bubbles were generated almost instantly.
I tasted it and found it was a little salty, due to the presence of sodium. I think I should have reduced the amount to baking soda to, say, 4 g.
味見してみると、ナトリウムがあるため、少ししょっぱいと感じました。重曹の量を4 g程度に減らすべきでした。


muskratbyte said...

Water kefir would make a better soda

Hiroyuki said...

Water kefir? Thanks for letting me know what I know nothing about!

Unknown said...

I've been making it, and its very tasty and easy to do. See http://www.culturesforhealth.com/learn/category/water-kefir/

Kitti said...

I used to work at a place that made their own 'soda' simply by mixing any flavored syrup with carbonated water. The syrup is mixed in just as you serve it to keep the integrity of the bubbles. We made syrup in huge pots with anything from fruit and herbs or what ever was in season.

Hiroyuki said...

Kitti: Thanks for your comment.

Mixing with cabornated water should be the easiest way to make soda, and I just wanted to check if the citric acid in the ume syrup is enough to make decent soda.