October 25, 2008

Chicken Tatsuta Age/鶏の竜田揚げ

I made chicken tatsuta age for supper last night, together with French fries (called "fried potato" in Japanese).
昨日の夕飯には鶏の竜田揚げを作りました。一緒にフライドポテトも(英語ではFrench friesと言います)。

I sprinkled expensive, natural salt on the French fries.
Chicken tatsuta age in the making:


I make it a point to filter the vegetable oil and store it in the oil can while it's still hot to prevent deterioration.

I seldom dispose of used oil. I usually reuse it for other cooking purposes.
Tatsuta age vs. Kara age
They are quite similar. The main differences are:
The former is usually seasoned (with mirin, sake, soy sauce, and ginger juice in my case) before being coated and deep-fried, while the latter may or may not be seasoned beforehand. The former usually does not use garlic for seasoning, while the latter usually uses it. The former is usually coated with katakuri ko (potato starch) only, while the latter is coated with wheat flour or a combination of wheat flour and katakuri ko.


Hayley said...

Until I read this post, I had always thought I was making kara age. Now I realise that all these years, I've been making tatsuta age. The things you learn, right? Anyway, yours looks delicious.

Hiroyuki said...

Thanks for your comments, hayley. Another difference is that cuts for tatsuta age are usually larger than those for kara age.