October 25, 2008

Koshihikari Rice Produced in Shiozawa/塩沢産コシヒカリ

This is the Koshihikari rice that I got from the harvest festival.

There are people who wash rice thoroughly until the water becomes clear, but this won't be necessary because the cloudiness of water is due to the starch on the surface of the rice.
I wash rice gently about three times, so rapidly that any odor on the surface of the rice does not get inside the rice.

Just cooked rice.

I put some rice in one rice bowl, placed another on top of it, upside down, and shook the two bowls up and down and sideways. The rice turned into a mass.

I use this very expensive natural salt, 16 times more expensive than regular table salt.

The manufacturer recommends on the back of the bag that you make onigiri (rice balls) with salt only, because this is the best way to tell the taste of the salt.
And, this is also the best way to tell the taste of the rice.

Despite the manufacturer's recommendation, I used a sheet of nori, too. Just my preference.

This is not exactly an onigiri (rice ball). It's more like a rice roll, but anyway, you can make it easily, without soiling your hands.

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