October 5, 2008

New Rice Festival/新米まつり

Today, I went to the New Rice Festival, a local, small festival celebrating the release of Shiozawa-produced Koshihikari rice.

First, I got a bowl of kenchin jiru (a type of soup) for 100 yen, which was full of vegetables, mushrooms, and kuruma fu (a type of gluten shaped like a wheel).

I waited for the rice to be cooked. I asked the staff, and they replied that it would be ready around noon.

Et voila! Take a look at the world's most expensive and tastiest rice!

One of the attractions of the festival is this bus, commonly known as Neko Bus, because of its similarity to the bus with the same name in the Tonari no Totoro movie.

Maybe you may want to see what's inside the bus. You can see two pairs of old-fashioned skis and poles hanging from the shelves.


melancholy donut said...

hooray for koshihikari! thanks for sharing!

Hiroyuki said...

Thanks for your comments, melancholy donut. I wonder if you are familiar with Koshihikari.