July 26, 2009

A Single Corn on the Cob/トウモロコシ一本

My son and I were triumphant until we saw this:

Almost all the corn plants had been badly damaged by crows. Two days ago, they all looked promising. My son stamped his feet in frustration, and said angrily that he would kill the crows. As for me, I repented not buying a net as my father had suggested.
Anyway, the crows were merciful enough to leave a single corn on the cob uneaten.
My son took some photos of today's harvest to put on his blog. Here is one of them:

My wife boiled the single corn on the cob, and the four of us shared it. It was sweet and tasty!

Coincidentally, I found a single strawberry from one of the strawberry patches around my house. My son ate it. He took photos of it before he did.

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