July 26, 2009

To Grill or Not to Grill: That Is the Question./焼くか焼かざるべきか、それが問題だ。

The yaki uni that I mentioned in the previous post is still in the partial freezing compartment of the fridge. Let me talk about something else today: Whether to grill tarako (cod roe) and mentaiko (spicy cod roe) before eating. I was born in the 35th year of Showa (1960), and if I remember correctly, when I was small, tarako was always grilled before served. (At that time, mentaiko was not known, at least to me.) But, now, my children like to have tarako and mentaiko raw, while I still have a lot of hesitation about eating them this way.
This morning, I had the tarako and mentaiko raw that I mentioned previously, but I still prefer grilling them before eating.

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