October 28, 2009

Atsuyaki Tamago (Thick Rolled Omelet)/厚焼き玉子

There are two types of rolled omelet in Japan: Atsuyaki tamago in Kanto (Eastern Japan), which is sweeter, and dashi maki tamago in Kansai (Western Japan), which is less sweet and contains dashi as the name implies. As a Kanto person, I am familiar with atsuyaki tamago but not with dashi maki tamago.
日本には二種類のrolled omelet(巻いたオムレツ)があります。関東の甘い「厚焼き玉子」と関西の、あまり甘くない、名前の通り出汁が入った「だし巻き卵」です。私は、関東の人間なので、厚焼き玉子は知っていますが、だし巻き卵は知りません。
As I said previously, I hate sweet atsuyaki tamago, and I hardly ever put sugar in my atsuyaki tamago.
This is a very rare version of my atsuyaki tamago that contains 1 tbsp of sugar.
First one-third of the beaten eggs:

Rolling completed:

Second one-third of the eggs:

Third (last) one-third of the eggs:

Most recipes say to wrap the atsuyaki tamago in a bamboo mat (makisu), but I like to use a paper towel:

After taking this photo, I had one slice. Not bad, but I prefer unsweetened atsuyaki tamago.

"Why did you make sweet atsuyaki tamago in the first place then," you might ask. My daughter said she wanted to have sweet atsuyaki tamago one day.
Now I'm very glad that both my children say that they prefer unsweetened atsuyaki tamago!


Unknown said...


I love your blog very much. My family and I just returned from Tokyo/Kyoto for a holiday last week (my second time there) and we loved it. The food was simply amazing. I even bought a Tamago frying pan in Kappabashi so I can cook Atsuyaki Tamago for my family. I look forward to more of your writing!

Hiroyuki said...

oliver: Thanks for your comment. I'm glad to know that you had a wonderful time in my country. Whether sweetned or unsweetened, atsuyaki tamago can be a good accompaniment (okazu) to rice, and it can also be a good appetizer (sake no sakana or simply sakana) for alcohol. I hope you make tasty atsuyaki tamago with your pan!