October 3, 2009

Wild Maitake!!!/天然舞茸(マイタケ、まいたけ)

I went shopping today, and found wild maitake sold at the supermarket! I just had to buy a pack. What else could I have done? Wild maitake is so hard to come by, and it was sold really cheap! 128 yen per 100 g. Maybe you don't understand how expensive wild maitake (and any other wild mushroom) can be in Japan. I did some googling a while ago, and found that wild maikake can cost 800 to 1,000 yen per 100 g.
今日、買い物に行って、スーパーで天然舞茸を売っているのを見つけました。思わず1パック買ってしまいました。だってそうするしかなかったです。天然舞茸は手に入りにくいし、本当に安く売ってたからです。100 gあたり128円。舞茸(また他の天然のきのこ)が日本ではどれくらい高いか分からないかもしれません。さっき、ちょっとGoogleで検索すると、天然の舞茸は100 gあたり800~1000円もします。

Out of the pack:

Opposite side:

I asked my son how he wanted to have this wild maitake. I gave him two choices, frying with butter and salt and putting in miso soup. He chose the latter.

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