October 21, 2009

Fall is Here!!/秋だ!!

I received a big box of astringent persimmons (shibu gaki in Japanese) from my father, who lives in Chiba prefecture. Of course, you can't eat astringent persimmons as they are. You must remove astringency from them in some way or other. The most common way is to use distilled spirit with an alcohol content of 35% or greater. Dip the calyx of each persimmon in the spirit, and put all the persimmons in a bag, and seal the bag, and the astringency will be removed in a week or so. I thought I'd use this method, but my wife told me that she found a good product for removing astringency from persimmons.
Here's a photo of the product:

Ethyl alcohol in solid form. Product name: Neo Hestan (sp?)
According to the instructions, I put 5 kg of astringent persimmons in a bag, wrapped one bar of Neo Hestan in a sheet of tissue paper, put it in the bag, and sealed the bag. Astringency will be removed in a week or so.


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pink: Let's see how they will turn out in a week!