April 3, 2010

Minami Uonuma Shokuzai (Foodstuff) Set/南魚沼食材セット

Today, I got a box of these three foodstuffs from Ten Chi Kenko Jin Consortium. I previously responded to an online questionnaire on health awareness conducted by the consortium, and I was selected as one of the one hundred winners of this prize!

1 kg Koshihikari rice produced in Minami Uonuma, Maitake Gohan no Moto (maitake in broth to be cooked with rice to make takikomi gohan), and Yairo Shiitake. Yairo is the name of the place here in Minami Uonuma city that is famous for its watermelons.
Note: I have no affiliation with the Consortium.


Amatō said...

Can I come over for dinner please? ;-)
I love, love mushrooms...
Your shiitake look mouthwatering.
In last time I always get very hungry on your blog, Hiroyuki.

PS. the commenting works much better now, you did change something, right? There are more options now; it’s easier if somebody doesn’t have a goggle account.

Amatō said...

Congratulations, Hiroyuki, this is great! What was the question? :-)
(sorry somehow have missed to tell in my first comment)

Hm, here in Germany I never take part in contests because all what you can win is money (to consume more) or some gift certificates (to consume most). I’m not interested in consumption. ;-) :-D

But it would be great to win some nice foods, Germans arent very smart.;-)

Hiroyuki said...

Amato: I should have let you know sooner, but I changed the "Who can comment" field to "anyone" weeks ago. I hadn't known that there were such settings for comments! Silly me...