May 29, 2010

A Combination of Fresh and Dried Enoki Mushrooms/生えのきと干しえのきの組み合わせ

Today, I got this amount of overgrown, non-standard enoki mushrooms from a friend. I was very glad because I really like them. I think they are much, much better than regular-sized enoki mushrooms with small caps.

I thought I would combine them with the dried mushroom that I previously made.

So, I made takikomi gohan with these fresh and dried enoki mushrooms. The recipe is basically the same as that I previously posted in my blog. (I added another 100 ml of water just before starting to cook the rice because the dried enoki had soaked up a considerable amount of water.)
そこで、この生エノキと干しエノキで炊き込みご飯を作りました。レシピーは基本的に以前にこのブログで述べたのと同じものです。(干しエノキが水をかなり吸っていたので、炊く直前に水をもう100 ml足しました。)


Amatō said...

Hiroyuki,how did you dry the mushrooms?Just in the sun?
Your rice dish looks very yummy...

Hiroyuki said...

Amato: The particular ones shown in the photo were mostly dried in the shade for more than two days. It was mostly cloudy, rainy, and cold when I made them. Then they were microwaved for 1 minute or so.
I'm thinking of providing a detailed description of my method of drying enoki mushrooms, which I have developed through trial and error, in the hope that anyone can make fragrant and flavorful dried enoki mushrooms by themselves.