May 30, 2010

Itadori Jam/イタドリジャム

I had planned to make itadori (Japanese knotweed) jam in this season, but when I looked at the itadori growing wild by the river the other day, they were already too big to be edible! I had to give up making itadori jam this year.

For those of you who are interested, here is a link to the site explaining how to make itadori jam (Japanese only):
イタドリ、ご存知ですか?(Do you know itadori?)

The recipe is quite simple.

1. Cut itadori into lengths that would fit a large pot (enameled or stainless steel), put in the pot, and soak in water at 40 C for 15 min.
This step is for peeling itadori easily.
2. Peel itadori, from the root to the top end.
3. Slice into rings of desired lengths.
If you prefer a stringy texture, slice into thick rings; and if you prefer a smooth texure, slice into thin rings.
4. Sprinkle sugar (amount of which should be 50-60% of peeled itadori) and let stand until water comes out.
5. Put on the stove and heat.
6. Finally, add some lemon juice.

Better luck next year, for me.


イタドリ、ご存知ですか?(Do you know itadori?)


1. イタドリを大きな鍋(ホウロウかステンレス)に入る長さに切って、その鍋に入れ、摂氏40度のお湯に15分間漬ける。
2. 根元から上のほうに、イタドリの皮をむく。
3. 望みの長さに輪切りにする。
4. 砂糖を(皮をむいたイタドリの50-60%の量)まぶし、水が出るまでおいておく。
5. 火にかけ、加熱する。
6. 最後にレモン汁を足す。



Zenichi said...

Wow.. those are edible?
They really do "grow like weeds" around my area, but no one knew the name. I thought they were edible, no one could tell me! They are probably too big here too, maybe a meter or more?

Hiroyuki said...

Zenichi: Yes, edible, although not all Japanese consider it as a sansai. The people of Kochi prefecture are great consumers of itadori.
You shoul avoid consuming too much of it, though, because it contains oxalic acid.