May 11, 2010

Miso Soup with Shrimp Heads/エビの頭の味噌汁

I previously mentioned miso soup with shrimp heads somewhere in my blog. Here is an additional description.

First, a pack of ama ebi heads that I purchased yesterday for 50 yen:

The shrimp come from Hokkaido.

This amount of shrimp heads for only 50 yen. How can I not buy them??

Look at all those long feelers! They suggest that the shrimp are domestic ones not imported ones.

I currently use this white Echigo miso:

Product name: Kuradashi Echigo Miso Shiro
製品名: 蔵出し越後みそ 白

Not so sweet as I imagined, and rather salty for shiro miso. I think I'll search for better Echigo shiro miso.

Very tasty!

1. Some recipes say to bake the heads in an oven or a toaster oven for several minutes to remove the odor before putting them into a pot of water. I skipped this step.
2. Most recipes call for no dashi because they say that you can get good dashi from the shrimp heads. I, for one, think that the dashi from the shrimp head is not strong enough and I usually add some instant dashi.
3. Some people simply leave the shrimp heads uneaten, and others (including my family) chew on them from the separated end to get what's inside. Some brave people eat them whole!
1. レシピーによっては、鍋に頭を入れる前に、臭みを取るためオーブンやオーブントースターで頭を数分、焼くよう書いてありますが、私は省略しました。
2. 大抵のレシピーでは、エビの頭から良い出汁が出るので出汁は要らないと書いてありますが、私個人としては、エビの頭からの出汁はあまり強くないので、出汁の素を少し入れます。
3. えびの頭を食べずに残す人もいますし、(我が家のように)吸って中身を食べる人もいます。勇敢な人は丸ごと食べます!


Tzu-yen said...

These would be great for making sauce/stock!

Hiroyuki said...

Tzu-yen: My next post here in my blog will be on shrimp heads again. Like I said in this post, the resulting dashi (stock) was rather weak.