May 19, 2010

Nemagari Take Given from a Friend/お友達から頂いた根曲がり竹

I previously posted about nemagari take (lit. root-bending bamboo shoots) here in my blog. Here in the Uonuma district of Niigata prefecture, the nemagari take (lit. root-bending bamboo shoot) is the default bamboo shoot.
Today, I got these beautiful nemagari take from a friend.

I'm sure you will have to pay more than 500 yen to get this amount of nemagari take from a local supermarket here!
I washed them, drained, and grilled in the toaster oven.

Ten minutes later, I took out two of them.

to show you the inedible parts (skins) and the edible parts.

Note that the right and left ends in the photo of the bamboo shoots are not edible.

I grilled the rest for another five minutes or so.

As usual, I had them with ponzu and mayo.

Nemagari take are also good in miso soup and in nimono (simmered dishes).


CFT said...

Very interesting, looks somewhat like asparagus.

Hiroyuki said...

Chee Fia: Thanks for your comment. It may look so in shape and size, it IS a bamboo shoot, and tastes like a bamboo shoot!

Rinshinomori said...

I never had this before. Now I will have to look for them when I travel in spring.

Hiroyuki said...

Rinshinnomori: I had never had them when I lived in Tokyo. You may be able to find them sold in water packs in supermarkets, which are mostly imported from China.