December 22, 2010

Winter Solstice/冬至(とうじ)

I just wanted to remind you that the winter solstice falls on today, December 22, this year. On this particular day, it is customary in Japan to have kabocha and take a yuzu bath (yuzu yu or yuzu buro in Japanese).

My wife simmered some kabocha as part of supper tonight.

And, we took a yuzu bath with two yuzu, that is, we soaked in the bathtub with yuzu floating on the water.

It is said in Japan that you won't get a cold if you have kabocha and/or take a yuzu bath on the winter solstice.


CFT said...

The Chinese take a bath with yuzu leaves to "wash away" any bad luck. You actually use whole unpeeled fruit?

Hiroyuki said...

Chee Fai: Do they? I didn't know that!

Yes, whole unpeeled yuzu, so they float on the water.

Just do a google search for:
and you will see lots of examples of a yuzu bath!
I refrained from taking a photo of my bathroom because it was too personal to post here.