July 7, 2011

My Nukadoko on July 7/7月7日、私のぬか床

Just a short note on my nukadoko today (July 7). I checked my nukadoko at five in the afternoon, and found it was OK, and checked again at eight in the evening, and found film yeast had formed!! I checked the temperature of the nukadoko and it was 30C. I mixed it well and put it in the vegetable compartment of the fridge.
Now I really know how important temperature control is... I added 2 tsp salt and one red pepper to my nukadoko two days ago to make it more "heat-resistant". I have to be more careful.


Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, I am afraid to take my nukadoko out from the fridge for a week now... The temperature is 30°C... i prefer not to take risks...
(By the way I am making now nanban zuke with small fish fillets for the dinner! Mr Tsuji says for fillets 3-4 hours is enough, thank you for telling me the recipe is in his book! I haven't noticed it).

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: I will add some additional text to this post later, together with some photos.

I made pork tsukune nanban zuke for supper last night, too, instead of our regular hamburgers. (This time, I added one red pepper.)

Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, we had nanban zuke with small fish fillets (pouting, it's a small fish related to cods, but has a taste and texture slightly similar to small aji... I haven't found the Japanese name). I marinated it for 4 hours and added 4 peppers (they were mdoerately hot). It was excellent. We finished 500g fish with my husband! I left only a fillet in the fridge for today's breakfast. It is a great breakfast dish when it's hot. Thank you for the idea once more!