May 31, 2014

A tourism PR project team "MINAMI-UONUMA DANCE 7" to dance/踊る観光PRプロジェクトチーム" MINAMI-UONUMA DANCE 7"

I hope you enjoy the video:
A group of seven people are dancing at different spots in Minami-Uonuma city. They want to attract tourists to this city.

Edited to add:
Enjoy also the performances of WORLD ORDER, like this one.
こちらなど、WORLD ORDERのパフォーマンスもご覧ください。


Fräulein Trude said...

What a lovely idea. Reminds me a little bit on the #happyDay meme going on for some time now. My country/city participated in #happyDay and it is nice to watch local people performing and acting in the videos to a wellknown tune showing different parts of our country/city.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: I watched one #happDay vidoe on YouTube. Yes, a kind of similar, but this particular group consists of civil servants wishing to advertize their city. I hope they really attract tourists.

Katrin said...

The next time I visit Japan, I sure want to come to Minami Uonuma city :)

Hiroyuki said...

Katrin: Your comment will surely make the project team happy!