May 14, 2014

The Matsuya Method Can Make It into the World Brewers Cup!/松屋式はワールドブリューワーズカップに行けます!

I made another attempt today. This time, I decided to put ground coffee in each filter and dig a hole for each filter in the Setup Time of 5 minutes. I also decided to put the water for dilution in each glass beforehand.
Again, I didn't measure the time required for the setup. I think I can do all the setup within five minutes. (I only have a manual coffee mill, which takes nearly five minutes to grind 60 g of coffee beans.)
今回も、準備に必要な時間は測りませんでした。全ての準備を5分以内にできると思います(私は手動のコーヒーミルしか持っていないので、コーヒー豆を60 g挽くのに5分近くかかります)。

Now, the Competition Time of seven minutes. After I took this photo, I checked the timer to learn that one minute and a half had already passed.

I filled each 200-ml glass half-full with hot water.
200 mlの各グラスにお湯を半分入れました。
I poured coffee from each carafe/server into the corresponding glass, and stirred with a spoon.
Unfortunately, I had filled each glass with more than enough water, so I failed to pour all the coffee from each server to the glass. As you can see, there is some coffee left in each server.
Anyway, I succeeded in making 200 ml coffee in each of three cups within seven minutes. As you can see, 35 seconds before seven minutes.
ともかく、200 mlのコーヒーを3つのグラスそれぞれに7分以内に作ることに成功しました。見てわかる通り、7分まで35秒です。
I tasted each coffee. As I had expected, it was rather weak. It was rather lukewarm, too. I checked the temperature.

58 degrees C
62 degrees C

57 degrees C
As you can see, I used a coarse grind (20 g for each filter).
見てわかる通り、粗く挽いた豆を使いました(各フィルターに20 gづつ)。

Despite some problems to solve, you can compete in the World Brewers Cup with the Matsuya method!


Fräulein Trude said...

You should open a small cafe. Lunchtime rush hour should be next to nothing.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: Well, making flavorful coffee for myself, my wife, and guests is one thing, and opening and running a cafe is quite another. But, you never know, I may open a small cafe in ten years from now (laugh).