May 12, 2014

Whether the Matsuya Method Can Make It into the World Brewers Cup/松屋式はワールドブリューワーズカップに行けるか?

As inspired by the May 7 (No. 155) edition of Shukan Flavor, I decided to determine whether the Matsuya method can make it into the World Brewers Cup. Obviously, a long bloom time of 3 minutes is a stumbling block.
5月7日(No. 155)の週刊フレーバーに触発され、松屋式がワールドブリューワーズカップに行けるか確かめることにしました。当然ながら、3分という長い蒸らし時間が障害です。

This morning, I first roasted 360 g of Mocha Sidamo coffee beans to obtain 307 g of roasted beans (first crack starting at 10:30, total roast time: 14.40, and weight loss: 14.7%).
Here's what I did today.
今朝、まずモカシダモを360 g焙煎して、307 gのコーヒー豆を得ました(1ハゼの開始10:30、全焙煎時間14:40、重量減14.7%)。
My plan was as follows:
Coarsely grind 60 g of coffee beans.
Use 20 g for each cup (240 ml).
Stick to the 3-minute bloom time.
Brew 120 ml of coffee for 1 minute, and dilute it with an equal amount of water to obtain 240 ml coffee.
Note: With the Matsuya method, you usually use a medium grind for this amount of coffee. I, for one, don't like the flavor of coffee brewed from a medium grind with the Matsuya method.
コーヒー豆60 gを粗く挽く。
一杯(240 ml)に20 g使う。
1分でコーヒーを120 ml淹れ、同量のお湯で薄め、240 mlのコーヒーにする。
注: 通常、松屋式では、この量のコーヒーを淹れるには中挽きを使います。私個人としては、松屋式で中挽きで淹れたコーヒーの味は好きではありません。

I didn't measure the time. I think I can set them up well within the Setup Time of 5 minutes.

Now, the Competition Time of 7 minutes. I started the timer.
I put ground coffee in these three filters, dug a hole for each filter, transferred water from the kettle to the drip pot, poured water for blooming, and place a sheet of plastic wrap on each filter. It took me about one and a half minutes to do all these tasks.
I waited for 3 minutes. (I later found I didn't have to wait for 3 minutes because I started the timer (upper one) after I poured water for blooming in the third filter.)
Just when I finished brewing 100 ml of coffee from the third (last) filter, the time (7 minutes) was up. I didn't have the time to dilute the coffee in each server. Then I had an unexpected guest. I decided to give up the attempt.
3番目(最後)のフィルタから100 mlのコーヒーを淹れ終わった瞬間に、時間(7分)が過ぎました。各サーバーのコーヒーを薄める時間はありませんでした。それから予期せぬお客さんが来たので、挑戦を諦めることにしました。

The resultant coffee wasn't bad. I later brewed coffee, using the same beans, with the Matsuya method, in the usual way (50 g of coffee beans, brewing 300 ml of coffee and diluting it with an equal amount of water). I found the latter tasted slightly better.
できたコーヒーは悪くはなかったです。後で、同じ豆を使って松屋式で、いつもの通り(コーヒー豆50 g、コーヒーを300 ml淹れて、同量のお湯で薄める)コーヒーを淹れましたが、後者のほうが若干美味しいと思いました。

Sorry, leftover coffee (undiluted), brewed in one of the three filters.

To make three cups of 150 to 350 ml each with the Matsuya method within the Competition Time of 7 minutes in the Compulsory Service is really hard to do. For success, you have to be very efficient in every step you take, and you may have to shorten the bloom time to, say, 2 minutes.
必修サービスで7分の競技時間内に松屋式でコーヒーを三杯(各150~350 ml)を作るのは本当に難しいです。成功させるには、どの段階も効率よくやらないと。それから、蒸らし時間を2分とかに短縮する必要があるかもしれません。

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