May 10, 2014

Potatoes, Lots of Them!/ジャガイモ、いっぱい!

The other day, we got just a lot of potatoes from my wife's father. I just can't tell how much. Maybe close to 30 kg. Since then, we have consumed them in a variety of dishes, but we still have this much left.
先日、妻の実父からジャガイモをたくさんもらいました。どのくらいかちょっと分かりません。ひょっとすると、30 kg近いかも。それから色々な料理で消費してきました、それでもまだこれだけ残っています。
Today, I decided to make french fries and potato chips with some medium and large ones.
I simply boiled all small ones for more than 40 minutes, in two pots.

I thought I would use these four large ones to make potato chips.
Medium ones were used to make french fries.
I wasn't sure if I could make potato chips properly... I did some googling and decided to try this method: Hold a slicer (mandoline?) in one hand above the pot for deep-frying and slice a potato with the other hand to drop slices directly into the pot, one by one.
For the first batch, I sliced half a potato.
I didn't measure the time, but it really took a long time (5 minutes or so) until the slices turned crisp.

After the first batch, I gave up the attempt. Potato chip making is too time-consuming. And, I had to make chicken karaage.
The potato chips were very oily and did not look very appetizing, but my two children said they were very good. They were gone in a minute!

7 comments: said...

Potato chips and fries are very popular with everyone..we like them too but I don't like consuming too much, we also enjoy mash potato (Just boil the potato till soft, drain water off, mash with a bit butter or olive oil, milk, plus salt and pepper:) Your home grown potatoes must taste good! We have to wait till late summer before we get our potatoes, 3 more months!!

Fräulein Trude said...

Next time you could try to make microwave crisps, less oily, less hassle.
Cut potatoes in very thin slices and pat dry with a paper towel. Toss in a little oil, sprinkle salt. Season to your liking (sweet chili or curry powder or pepper) Thread slices onto 2 or 3 bamboo skrewers (watered beforehand) keep a little distance between each slice so they will not come in touch. Put skrewers over a bigger bowl: the potatoe slices should not touch the bottom of the dish. Microwave for 5+ minutes on high heat until golden. How to:

Hiroyuki said...

Annie and Kiki: Thanks for your suggestions.

Yesterday morning, I was surprised to see my wife make mashed potato.

I'll try the microwave tip in the near future.

Sissi said...

It seems that frequent potato salads and korokke meals will come to your house soon ;-)
Maybe try making potato pancakes too? Many countries have their own recipes (I think I have seen Korean one too).
Unfortunately I have never made potato chips...
Otherwise, I strongly advise Kiki's Southern German potato salad! A pure delight!
I don't remember if you have salted/pickled anchovies in Japan, but this Swedish dish is amazing:
I have also loved these rolls (I don't know if they are popular in Japan but I took them from Nami's Just One Cookbook blog);
I'm looking forward to reading about your potato adventures!

Sissi said...

Oh and there is also tartiflette (a French gratin), but it's quite heavy... and requires some matured melting cheese on top:
I love it but have it maybe twice a year due to its calorie content.

Fräulein Trude said...

Yes Sissi and filled potatoes. Just boil some big ones until nearly done - you can pinch a fork into but not super easy, peel on or off. Cut the upper third pard horizontally. Scoop out the inner core but keep 1 cm all around. Mash the inner parts and tops, mix with chopped spring onion, 1 egg, salt, pepper, a few spoons chopped ham or chopped fried mushrooms and refill the potatoes (heaped), sprinkle some cheese (you may also mix some cheese into the mash) and give it 15-20 minutes in the toaster oven. Some people also put cream cheese in for a more savory taste but you will have some mash left.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi and Kiki: Thank you both for your suggestions. I hope I can make some of your dishes in the near future, but first, I have to try the microwave version of potato chips, and my son has alreadly requested me to make more potato chips and hashed potato.

My wife has already made extra large korokke, some of which are now in the freezer.